Taylor Casas

Professional aerialist, actor, & acrobat

(soon to add: personal trainer)


Taylor stays in the air most of the time. She only touches the ground for scones and tea, but otherwise prefers to stay up there while she blows your mind. Someone once told her that bosses train everywhere. She took them a wee bit seriously, and has since mastered the art of the one-arm spinning snore twist, where she does three things you can't believe all at the same time. It's not real, it's bossy. Taylor is a graduate from CSULB in Long Beach with a B.A. in Theatre Arts, and holds a diploma from Circomedia - Bristol, UK.

+ member of American Circus Educators/American Youth Circus Organization

+ co-founder and company trainer of acrobatic-theatre troupe, Bossy Flyer

+ entiendo mucho español y hablo un poco. Practico cada día. Me gustaría conectar con otros que hablan español

+ she/her/hers

+ fun fact: you can easily bribe me with dark chocolate


Currently in Long Beach, CA. 

2021 copyright Taylor Casas

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