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3 week series 
MON - Feb 6, 13, 20
WED - Feb 8, 15, 22
THURS - Feb 9, 16, 23

1 class a week 

$122 - Early bird sign up by Jan. 30
$145 - Regular price starting Jan. 31 - Feb 5


2 classes a week 

$230 - Early bird sign up by Jan. 30
$260 - Regular price starting Jan. 31 - Feb 5

Sign ups close by end of day Feb. 5 -

*Classes need 2 people minimum to run. If the class does not fill, you will be able to switch into another class with an opening, or receive full refund*


Not sure what level you are at?

Two ways to find out:

  • Text or call (347) 380-4396 to discuss your aerial experience with Taylor 

  • Sign up for a 1:1 private in advanced! You will get to know the instructor to see if it is a good fit, plus you will receive in person feedback for which class series would work best for your skill level. Request a private here

*Sliding scale prices available - Apply here to be considered

Cancellation policy
You will have 2 days prior to the start date of class to receive 50% refund if you decide to cancel altogether.  We will release your spot for someone on the waitlist to claim. The other half of your payment can be used as credit towards a future class series if you wish. If you wish to discuss further, all communication is via text or phone call: (347) 380-4396

Open Level - SILKS 

THURSDAYS @ 5:00pm [Feb 9, 16, 23]

Beginner friendly series

You will be guided through a dynamic warm up and active stretching so that you will feel prepared to take flight. As a group, we will work on the foundations of aerial and talk through the basic vocabulary of the apparatus. Each week we will review and refine these skills while building upon bodyweight strength, so by the end you will understand the baseline of aerial and you will be able to re-create your newfound skills and shapes from the floor or in the air.

*Great for beginners, advanced beginners, or new intermediate student wanting to refine basics*


Open Level - Mixed Modes

WEDNESDAYS @ 1:15pm [Feb 8, 15, 22]

Beginner friendly series

Same curriculum as above, except this new class will include multiple apparati. This month will include DANCE TRAPEZE and LYRA


You will get the chance to fly on both for each week. We will try various shapes/poses on each apparatus to explore the similarities and differences each apparatus offers. It's also a great way to try out a second apparatus within the same class setting!

*Great for beginners, advanced beginners, or new intermediate student wanting to refine basics*


Aerial lab - SILKS or LYRA 

MONDAYS @ 2:30pm [Feb 6, 13, 20]  SILKS

WEDNESDAYS @ 2:30pm [Feb 8, 15, 22] LYRA

Intermediate/Advanced - skills & creative series

This class series will work on improving higher level skills and explore specific creative concepts - as requested per group. We will start the first class of the year by testing our desired list of dynamic skill sets to see what can be worked on for improvement for the following classes. In addition, we will pick the group's favorite shape/sequence and use this to explore various movement qualities using time, space, flow, and effort - touching on the Laban efforts to improve our dancing in the air. The aerial lab gives you space to discover and explore new movement qualities and skills that challenge your own movement habits, which will intentionally improve your strength and artistry as an aerialist. 

*Pre-reqs: physical level is strong, can complete consecutive-unassisted inverts, knowledge of aerial wraps and various sequences, has safely executed drops - slack drops, open drops, etc, can train confidently on their own at open workouts*


SILKS skills 

MONDAYS @ 1:30pm [Feb 6, 13, 20]

Intermediate level - skills + drills series

This month we will continue on refining wheeldowns, plus explore various climbs and descents on the fabric. Each week we will review and refine skills that will improve your body awareness and shape in wheeldowns. In addition, we will learn challenging and creative pathways to make your way up the fabric as well as practice new ways to descend from the air to the floor.

*Pre-reqs: knows how to invert in air, refining technique of wraps and footlocks, knows the basic climbs plus straddle climb, working on dynamic movement and intricate sequences*

$10 referral credit

Receive $10 credit for every person you refer to Take Flight with Taylor

Have your friend, family member, or colleague text 'INFO' to (347) 380-4396 and we'll help them enroll. Then you will receive $10 credit toward your next class

with Taylor 

Book now! To get started, text 'CLASS' to (347) 380 - 4396

For questions or more information, text 'INFO'

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