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Dynamic skills can include: Drops, release and catch, rolls, beats, complex wrapping or movement, the list goes on...

In my experience, students have learned this material best in a setting that is 1:1 or within a small semi-private, for each student receives specific instruction, attention, and feedback that will assist in their progress.

Dynamic privates are offered at two locations:

  • 5th Wall Studio -Williamsburg, Brooklyn​

  • CirqHaus - Hudson yards, Manhattan 

Please be sure to pick which location you prefer to work at. Looking forward to working together soon!

DYNAMICS session request
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1:1 private session



One hour

With a group

2 persons - $80/pp

3 persons - $75/pp

4 persons - $65/pp

5 persons - $60/pp

One hour

Sliding scale prices

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