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backyard aerial

* UPDATE: Currently in Brooklyn, NY.


Backyard aerial in Long Beach, CA can be booked via Aerial Butterflies here. *


 Outdoor private sessions available in

Long Beach, CA  (near El Dorado Park - location disclosed after booking a class)

Indoor private sessions available at a local studio.

+ 60 min. / 90 min. sessions 

What is it?

Aerial arts can be described as an overall strength and endurance activity where it blends artistry and athleticism. It includes movement tasks that utilize your entire core and all the 'pulling' muscles. Just like most physical activity, this puts a lot of load on your joints in various ranges of motion, so we'll be sure to focus on a proper mobility warm up and active stretching so that you can feel well-prepared to take flight.

Who is it offered to?

The total novice or experienced flyer (ages 16+, inclusive of all backgrounds and abilities) 

My role

I am an insured aerialist as a performer and instructor. As your aerial coach, your safety and well-being is my top priority throughout the session. My mission is to provide a safe, inclusive, non-judgmental environment that fosters community and an artful practice. It is also my responsibility to carefully assess your unique movement patterns on the apparatus so that I can provide the most efficient and appropriate conditioning drills and sequences catered to your needs...and of course have fun, we'll always have a good laugh! 


Cash, PayPal, & Venmo accepted

A liability waiver must be signed at the location before taking flight.

Questions/Concerns: contact here